Appointeeship Services

The Money Carer Foundation is the leading provider of independent appointeeships across the UK. We support and protect thousands of vulnerable people with their money management needs every day.


Making the right choice

We work with more than 110 local authorities, over 250 law firms and circa 500 care providers who respect the trust and expertise we have garnered over the years. Our experience is called on every day by social workers, solicitors, family members and, of course, the vulnerable folk from all walks of life that we support.

With innovations such as our unique banking and payments platform, or, our appointee security bond, many local authorities, law firms and disability charities choose to use our banking systems and technology as the best platform to support their own clients as deputy, attorney or appointee.


What are the costs

  • Community-based clients
    £75 p/m
  • Clients that reside in nursing or care homes or who are hospitalised
    £45 p/m
  • One time set up fee

Other associated costs in the delivery of our appointeeship service which are charged by our banking partner and passed on to our clients are:

£55 debited automatically from each account annually

Zero fees for unlimited cash withdrawals

Zero transaction fees either instore or online.

Our Appointeeship Service

The award-winning appointeeship service from Money Carer has been provided entirely independently since we started our national social enterprise over 14 years ago in 2009.

We manage the welfare benefit and daily money management responsibilities securely for thousands of clients as a trusted national partner of the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

Our comprehensive service and banking platform enable us to our clients with choice about their money management needs. Our systems also allow the care providers who support our clients to partner with us so that we can provide convenient and secure access to certain aspects of our clients financial information to assist them in the role .

Our experience in appointeeship is second to none and we can provide the appropriate level of assistance and intervention that is practically required on a client by client basis. We operate an ‘open door’ referral policy which means that we can work with clients from all walks of life and with varying life challenges and circumstances.


Protected by our Appointee
Security Bond

The Appointee Security Bond was developed by the Money Carer Foundation in partnership with Security Bonds Ltd and Aviva Insurance. As an organisation, we understand the importance of accountability and transparency and the introduction of the bond reinforces these principles.

Emulating the requirement for solicitors and family members by the Court of Protection applying to be authorised as the court appointed deputy, we introduced the Appointee Bond in bond in 2018. The bond costs £35 per year and protects the vulnerable person under appointeeship up to £16,000 in the event of theft or fraud by the appointee.

For non-professional appointees (family members and friends) the bond will recompense the vulnerable person in respect of honest mistakes made by the appointee without seeking financial redress from the appointee. Local authority safeguarding teams can inform Deputy Bond Services to enable them to start the claim process for the vulnerable person that has suffered financial loss.

Importantly, the appointee bond will aim to compensate the vulnerable person within 7 working days.

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