A Mediterranean Cruise
of a Lifetime for John

The Challenge

John, is a 78 year old gentleman with memory problems and is supported to live as independently as possible in his own home in London with the help of his carers provided by a local authority commissioned care provider. Having lost his wife to cancer many years ago, John has no family involved in his life and relies on his carers and The Money Carer Foundation to support him with everyday tasks. 

John and his wife had always wanted to go on a Caribbean cruise together however this never happened due to his wife’s illness.

Planning Something Special

John is fortunate to have benefited from having the same core care team over the years who have got to know him really well. Working with MCF, the care team were able to convince John that he could still fulfil his dream to go on a luxury cruise holiday albeit with some practical adjustments such as the cruise being in the Mediterranean as opposed to the Caribbean given the plane flight time that would be required.

John’s carers liaised with his social worker to undertake a risk assessment which specified that he would need two carers to accompany him along with some other minor safeguarding requirements. MCF arranged for the purchase of the transportation and spending monies for John and his carers whilst away and John spent 10 days visiting Croatia, Italy and the Greeks islands. 

Johns carers made a video diary of his trip which he likes to watch on his TV to reminisce.

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