Multi-Sensory Experience for Fiona

Case Study

‘Fiona’ can struggle with anxiety and finds it hard to relax and calm down.

Living in a care facility in Cheshire, her disability means she struggles to communicate, often becoming over excited, stressed and hysterical. Her outbursts can last for hours, which is exhausting and distressing for Fiona, as well as for her carers and other residents.

Helping Fiona, and other people with special needs, cope with stress and anxiety can be a huge task. Use of multi-sensory equipment, such as the Vecta Distraction Station, has been shown to provide a fun, gentle, drug free way of soothing people with special needs.

The Vecta station is multi-purpose and easily moveable sensory tool, using sound, coloured lights, bubble columns, projector, aromatherapy and fibre optics to calm, soothe and distract service users. When using the Vecta station with her carer, Fiona has been known to calm down within 5 minutes, a process which previously took hours.

This track record of success is why The Money Carer Foundation is purchasing Vecta Stations and similar sensory equipment on behalf of some our clients.

Not only do the Vecta units offer a fun way for service users to relax, but they contain all the elements of a multi sensory room, at a fraction of the cost, and with the benefit of being completely mobile.

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