When a Telephone ‘Helpline’
is of No Help at all

Case Study

‘Ian’ is your local ASDA clerk, as friendly as they come. Surrounded by people, always chatty and busy. ‘Ian’ has the same condition as one of our other case study clients ‘Gregory’ but to show how dissimilar they actually are ‘Ian’ is at an entirely different end of the spectrum.

While ‘Gregory’ needs structure and time tables, ‘Ian’ is quite independent and free. He has taken a keen interest in one of the holiday destinations his client account manager has booked for him and he loved it so much has has not changed the hotel in three years!

Like many of our clients, ‘Ian’ has been  a victim of financial abuse. It all happened when he rang an expensive ‘helpline’ and was put on hold. The helpline did not help ‘Ian’ in any way and took over £100 from ‘Ian’s’ pocket.

The Money Carer Foundation became involved after this happened following a safeguarding referral from a local authority and Ians personal money manager was able claim the money back upon noticing a substantial increase in Ian’s bills. It is this level of involvement, can do attitude and attention to detail that enables us to better protect our clients against everyday risks.

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