Money Carer Foundation launches new ‘How to’ resources for system access

24 April 2023
24 April 2023 Money Carer

A new website, films and downloadable pdfs will make access and communications easier

Money Carer has just launched its website together with a series of new ‘How to’ video films (scan QR code) and printable resources, all aimed at making contact and communications with the Foundation much easier. All resources will be available on the Money Carers website but can also be requested via the Foundation’s telephone number 0800 083 0626.

“Our intention is to make Money Carer’s services as easy for people to access and engage with,” said CEO Sean Tyrer.

“As pioneers in the field of everyday money management for vulnerable people and their carers, it is important that all aspects of our organisation and processes are accessible to those individuals authorised with access.

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