£14,000 backdated SDP payment awarded to Money Carer client

14 April 2023
14 April 2023 Money Carer

The diligent work undertaken by the welfare benefits team at the Money Carer Foundation resulted in a 53-year-old client with learning disabilities being awarded a severe disablement premium (SDP) of over £14,000 in April 2023.

The client was referred to MCF via the bulk transfer of over 100 clients from a large care provider who had been acting as the appointee for over 15 years. Like many organisations, the staffing resource challenges experienced by the care provider charity had put their ability to stay on top of their legal responsibilities as corporate appointees under acute pressure. This resulted in the SDP entitlement claim being overlooked by the care provider. As all clients that are referred to Money Carer receive a benefits entitlement check, the award was picked up and a successful claim was made by the welfare benefits team.

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