Secure Care Circles initiative launched

15 April 2023
15 April 2023 Money Carer

In April 2023, Money Carer launched its Secure Carer Circles initiative to safeguard sensitive information and protect clients and carers simultaneously.

The innovation ensures that all communications made between Money Carer and the carers and family members that support its clients are encrypted transferred via the organisations secure online portal or smartphone app. The CQC Registered Managers of the care provider responsible for the oversight and governance of care locations under their charge are able to delegate 5 individuals to become a trusted member of a clients secure care circle and have access to information that Money Carer manage as the clients appointee.

The closed loop access system enables Money Carer to view who has accessed certain information, and the oversight provided to the Registered Manager (or other duly authorised person) enables them to remain in control of which members of their team are allowed to view helpful information such as welfare benefit letters, make payment requests on the clients and to communicate easily and securely with Money Carer as the appointee.

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