Ordinary Power of Attorney (OPA)

Our OPA service is available to people who would benefit from our money management support and have the mental capacity to ask us to manage their everyday finances, welfare benefits and accounts.

The way that we support our OPA clients is, in practice, very similar to our appointeeship service however where an appointee does not have the legal authority to access a person's private bank account or manage funds other than welfare benefits, the authority under OPA grants this permission. As such, the OPA service presents a more practical solution to individuals who have the capacity to make specific decisions about the management of their finances but will still benefit from levels of support and intervention. Our team will be able to discuss which service would be most suitable to support the client depending on their circumstances and level of decision-making capacity.

What Does The Service Cost?

  • £75 per month for community-based clients Or Free of Charge When DRE Applied
  • £45 per month for clients that reside in nursing or care homes or who are hospitalised 
  • £150 one time set up fee.

Other associated costs in the delivery of our OPA service which are charged by our banking partner and passed on to our clients are:

  • £55 which is debited automatically from each account annually.
  • £4.95 for lost or replacement cards.
  • Zero fees for ATM cash withdrawals or using the cards in-store or online.

Make a Referral

To make a referral simply send an email to refer@moneycarer.org.uk and all the necessary forms will be automatically sent to you.

Alternatively, please call us on 0161 791 3054 to talk with one of our team about your client's needs.