Financially Robust

With a Clear Strategic Plan

Money Management with Cutting Edge Technology

The Money Carer Foundation is a national social enterprise founded in 2009. Our 60 strong team provides secure money management services for vulnerable people and the carers and families who support them. Our technology engine and banking platform is used by hundreds of law firms, local authorities and care providers to assist them to better manage the finances of their own clients.

As an organisation that is financially robust with zero debt, we believe that it is important to demonstrate fiduciary discipline internally if you are responsible for management of the finances of others.

We are a Crown Commercial Services approved supplier of Funds and Disbursement Services to the public sector on the Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

We use our unrivalled expertise, leadership and innovation know-how to achieve the best outcomes for our clients and we share our technology powerplant with other organisations and individuals to enable them to do the same.

Our clear strategy of developing the entire ‘ecosystem’ in which we operate promotes financial inclusivity and client independence.

Here are a few of our milestones:

  • Carer Cards – 2010, we invented and launched the concept and now have over 1000 law firms, local authorities and care providers who use this important service to support their own clients.
  • The Appointee Security Bond – 2017 we innovated, developed and partnered with Security Bonds Limited and Aviva. Uniquely, all of our clients are protected by a separate bond emulating this requirement by the Court of Protection for Deputies.
  • The Parliamentary Review – 2018. We were selected to represent Best Practice and Innovation in the Finance Category.
  • The Money Carer App – 2020. Our smartphone app now enables our clients, carers, family members, solicitor and local authority partners to view balances in real-time, send messages  and request money in a secure and convenient and inclusive way.
  • Monika – 2021 our proprietary banking and payments platform, named ‘Monika’, was made available to Solicitors, local authorities and family members who act as deputy, attorney or appointee for vulnerable clients or family members. We now have over 250 law firms who use the platform and hundreds of family members. Monika makes the task of managing another’s finances much more simple.
  • The Fast Funds Access Service – 2022In partnership with GoCardless. This unique service enables deputies and attorneys to access the funds of their clients held in private bank accounts within 7 working days. This has been a ‘game changer’ for professional deputies and attorneys as the normal process of liaising with high street banks can take up to a year.

Our team consists of welfare benefit experts, social workers, high street banking software engineers, former police officers and local authority deputyship team managers.

We bring with us a ‘broad church’ of experience and have a keen interest in developing cutting edge technological solutions that serve to improve the lives of our own clients and those of our solicitor and local authority partners and care provider partners.


What we do

Through our partnership with the DWP, we act as Corporate Appointee to help thousands of people manage their welfare benefit entitlements. Our service provides security and convenience, with access to real-time transaction information. 

Working hand-in-hand with carers, family members, social workers and other professionals puts us in an optimal position to serve our clients’ best interests.


Our purpose

To make a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable people, by enriching and protecting their financial well-being.


To provide accessible banking solutions for vulnerable individuals and those involve in their care.


To simplify the financial complexities faced by our clients and those involved in their care, by investing in cutting-edge banking technologies.


Lynne Coombes, Company Director, Security Bonds Ltd

“Money Carer, like us believe that bonds are ‘absolute best practice’ to protect vulnerable people. The work they do is so important. They bridge the gap by bringing solutions to the table where everything is usually so fragmented. They are true advocates for change”

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