Secure Care Circles Explained

GDPR compliance to protect our clients & partners

Secure Care Circles

In order to protect our clients information and to be fully GDPR compliant, Money Carer has developed its Secure Care Circles initiative utilising our secure portal and smartphone app.

Secure care circles are made up of nominated trusted individuals (e.g. carers) or a trusted partner organisation (e.g. a local authority) who provide a role in providing the care needs for our client forming their ‘circle of care’. Trusted care circle members are able to access useful client information such as welfare benefit letters, bank statements and other documents as well as being able to send emails and documents encrypted and securely.

Trusted care circle members can make money requests via their portal account or Money Carer smartphone app and can upload invoices and other bills that require payment. A full history of all communications is also available in the portal for additional convenience and oversight.

This ground breaking initiative from Money Carer also enables standard Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) to be accessed by care circle members as the system enables Money Carer to respond to and action requests more rapidly given the trusted status of care circle members using the system.

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