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Planning for the Future

Money Carer works closely with family members to create a succession plan when they can no longer handle everyday money management responsibilities. This is especially important for parents of children with disabilities who worry about who will take care of their loved one’s financial needs in the future. Our role is to ensure that we will be there to support their loved ones with budgeting and bill payment needs and to ensure that their finances are managed with care and consideration.

Working Within a ‘Circle of Care’

We work within a ‘Circle of Care’, meaning we are part of a broader support network that provides care for the individual. This typically includes carers and social workers who provide support in other areas of their lives. We focus on managing their finances, which we do under a legal framework such as DWP Appointeeship, Attorneyship (OPA or LPA) or as a person’s Deputy. Sometimes, we can provide informal support and oversight, depending on the individual’s circumstances.

We can also work alongside other professionals who may be involved in the financial administration of our client’s assets, such as trustees, solicitors, or other organisations and individuals who may have a legal role in supporting our clients. A very common scenario is when a person’s family have set up a discretionary trust to manage a larger asset for a loved one in their best interest, and Money Carer liaises with the trustees to request money for larger purchases from time to time.

Our Experience and Systems

We have extensive and advanced money management systems that the organisation has invested in heavily over the years and uniquely, we have our own banking and payments platform that is integrated into our systems. Not only do our systems enable us to better support our clients and their carers with everyday money management matters, they are also used by over 200 law firms, local authorities and care providers who use Money Carers systems to support their own clients as a standalone service.

Talk to Us.

If you have any questions or concerns about managing your loved one’s finances in the future, or would like to learn more about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help.

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