Deputyship Services

Our deputyship service keeps local authorities, solicitors and family members informed via our deputyship application notification system.



The Money Carer Foundation works with expert court of protection deputyship teams to provide a trusted referral service for our partners, such as local authorities and care providers. This is a very popular service, especially now resources are limited within many councils.

Typically, Money Carer will receive a client referral and then identify the most suitable professional deputy to make the application to the Court of Protection to become the clients deputy. The most suitable deputy will be identified due to the circumstances of the individual alongside other factors such as the complexity of the case and and the experience and location of the deputy.

Not all deputies are the same and some will be better matched than others to represent the best interests of the individual depending on a variety of factors..

Money Carer will assist the prospective deputy by opening a deputyship bank account in the clients name and becoming the corporate appointee until the deputyship order is in place. This enables the deputy to essentially take over the case management with a lot of the underlying groundwork already having been undertaken by Money Carer at a much lower cost than the solicitor in many cases.

Most of our legal partners have been selected by the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) to be accredited to serve on their approved panel and are eligible to receive urgent referrals directly from the Court of Protection.


JMW Solicitors LLP

A deputyship partner in focus

The Money Carer Foundation has worked closely with the court of protection team at JMW Solicitors for almost 7 years.

JMW have ‘panel deputy’ accreditation with the OPG and are very experienced in all types of deputyship and court of protection matters. JMW have a particular expertise in working with local authorities across the UK in a similar way to Money Carer.

In fact, both organisations regularly pool resources in order to find the most appropriate solutions for clients and to support local authorities social services teams at the same time.