Deputyship Application Service

Supporting local authorities and panel deputies with low cost solutions for financial deputyship 

Deputyship Services

Our deputyship service keeps local authorities, solicitors and family members informed via our deputyship application notification system.


Deputyship Guidance

Money Carer provides a ‘low asset’ deputyship service in-house and works with expert court of protection deputyship teams to provide a trusted ‘one stop-shop’ referral service for deputyship cases in partnership with local authorities, solicitors and care providers.

This is a very popular service, especially now resources are limited within many councils.

Typically, Money Carer will receive a client referral and then identify the most suitable professional deputy to make the application to the Court of Protection to become the clients deputy. That could be either Money Carer, for low asset cases, or a panel solicitor for higher asset, more complex cases. Factors such as location and experience are also taken into consideration as not all deputies are the same and some will be better matched than others to represent the best interests of the individual.


Financial Deputyship

Money Carer will assist the prospective deputy by opening a deputyship bank account in the clients name and becoming the corporate appointee until the deputyship order is in place.

This enables the deputy to essentially take over the case management with a lot of the underlying groundwork already having been undertaken by Money Carer which serves to save the client money in most cases.

Most of our legal partners have been selected by the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) to be accredited to serve on their approved panel and are eligible to receive urgent referrals directly from the Court of Protection.

Deputyship Relinquishments

Money Carer also works alongside existing deputies who may be assessing whether continuing as deputy is in the best interest of their client going forward.

In these cases, it may be more appropriate for an existing deputy to apply to the court of protection for a relinquishment decision if the clients assets and income have depleted. In this scenario, a deputyship is no longer the most appropriate plan to best serve the client in the future.

Money Carer can agree to inform the court formally – in conjunction with the relinquishment application – that we are willing and able to act as the individuals DWP appointee if that would be a more suitable and cost effective arrangement for the client. When assessing best interest, please refer to the OPG Professional Deputy Guide and Checklist.


JMW Solicitors LLP

A deputyship partner in focus

Money Carer has worked closely with the court of protection team at JMW Solicitors for almost 8 years.

JMW have ‘panel deputy’ accreditation with the OPG and are very experienced in all types of deputyship and deputyship court of protection matters. JMW have a particular expertise in working with local authorities across the UK in a similar way to Money Carer.

In fact, both organisations regularly pool resources in order to find the most appropriate solutions for clients and to support local authorities social services teams at the same time.



Our expertise

Our appointeeship services support people with differing care needs from all walks of life. We are the organisation that developed and brought to market the concept of carer cards, and we continue to invest in developing our proprietary banking and payments software. This allows us to provide innovative solutions to everyday money management problems experienced by our clients and their carers.

We harness our own resources and expertise to partner with local authorities and care providers that may be struggling or unable to provide money management services to vulnerable client groups.

We are a national partner to Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) and we work with in excess of 100 local authorities, circa 250 law firms and hundreds of care providers who use our services.


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