Practical Support For Finance Teams

View client financial information securely, 24 hours per day

Financial Assessment Team Access

By creating a central Money Carer account, local authority financial assessment teams are able to securely view the financial information of our mutual clients needed to complete assessments to determine care contribution amounts. A shared team email address can be used for this purpose.

By working in partnership with our local authority partners, we are able to provide trusted members of the financial assessment team with 24 hour access to bank statements and other shared information to speed up the assessment process and to deliver mutual efficiencies for both organisations.

Finance team members can view all mutual clients in one place and send secure messages through their Money Carer account and upload completed assessments directly into our secure portal for our records when completed.

This is just one example of how we are using our technical capabilities to make joint administrative tasks more efficient and easier.

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Financial Assessment Team Access

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