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Direct Payments Services

Money Carer has been helping people to embrace higher levels of independence and autonomy by supporting them to choose to pay for their own care via a direct payment for over 10 years. Our scale, systems and experience enable Money Carer to provide a more secure and robust service at a substantially lower cost than other providers.

Money Carer provides two separate direct payment services for clients and local authorities:

  • For Direct Payment Recipients
      • Providing a managed bank account, payroll and payment service for direct payment recipients.
  • For Local Authorities
      • Providing a comprehensive, low cost, bulk, direct payments bank accounts opening and current provider switching service

Importantly, our direct payment accounts are proper Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) protected bank accounts provided by Cashplus Bank who we have been in partnership with for over 12 years. Money Carer is a financially robust and secure organisation that manages over £70 million held in FSCS protected bank accounts on behalf of our clients and partners.

This is unlike the majority of direct payment accounts used to receive an individuals funds deposited by the local authority as these are typically prepaid card or ‘e-money’ accounts or ‘virtual wallets’ that do not have access to FSCS protection.

We have our own cutting-edge, integrated banking and money management platform named ‘Monika‘ which is currently used by hundreds of law firms, local authorities and care providers to receive and manage funds and communications with personal assistants, commissioned carers and clients in one central, simple to use platform.

Because of the work that Money Carer undertakes to promote and implement greater financial inclusion for vulnerable people, the organisation has been selected as a finalist in the prestigious 2024 Card and Payment Industry Awards.

For more information about our direct payment services please contact us by sending an email to

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