Our Corporate
Transfer Service

Enabling the bulk transfer of appointeeships so
care providers can focus on core services,
whilst reducing costs and risk.

Bulk Transferring of Corporate Appointeeships

Increasingly, care providers are making the strategic decision to transfer their legacy, and often inherited, corporate appointeeships to Money Carer as we have developed a project managed service specifically for this purpose.

Conflicts of interest, rising costs, risk exposure and a general lack of experience often leave care providers open to challenges on how they have undertaken their legal responsibilities as the corporate appointee responsible for the management of their clients welfare benefit entitlements.

The senior management team at Money Carer understand the pinch points and concerns and are here to assist and advise care providers from board level down with the process of relinquishing, transferring and project managing the entire process with the care organisation.

A Holistic Approach that Provides Choice

As Money Carer provides banking and support services to other organisations and individuals that manage the finances of vulnerable people, our appointeeship transfer service extends these capabilities to our care provider partners as part of a holistic transfer process.

The outcome is win win in as much as the care provider achieves their goal in no longer acting as corporate appointee and vulnerable clients and their family members can be supported by Money Carer in different ways to be able to embrace a more modern and inclusive money management solution based on individual needs and capabilities using Money Carers technology and solutions.

Project Management Stages

Typically, a bulk transfer of corporate appointeeships from a care provider to Money Carer follows the following steps:

  • Consultation and Status Quo Evaluation
  • Recommendations and Timescales and Outcome Agreements
  • Communications (Stage 1) – Care Provider Employee Q&A Sessions/Training
  • Communications (Stage 2) – Family, Clients and Local Authorities/Stakeholders
  • Communications (Stage 3) – Writing to Stakeholders with Project Timescales
  • Communications (Stage 4) – DWP Applications and Relinquishments
  • Banking and Billing Redirection – Transfer to Money Carer Banking Platform
  • Completion of Corporate Appointeeships to Money Carer
  • Project Outcome Review/Reflection and Ongoing Support Plans

To learn more about our corporate appointeeship transfer service please email John O’Sullivan (Money Carer Communications Manager) at john.o’ to arrange an initial conversation.

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