Money Carer & Sprout Foundation

Isihlangusabasha Primary School – May 2023

From Small Acorns, Mighty Oaks Grow

The Sprout Foundation is a South African based charity with a mission to support high school learners the unemployed youth in South Africa become job ready. This is done through upgrading school facilities, promoting study and employment opportunities and assisting with job applications and interview preparedness skills.

The Money Carer Foundation has partnered with Sprout and so far in 2023, has assisted in the building of a school recreational area with climbing facilities at the Isihlangusabasha Primary School along with the purchase of an electricity generator to ensure that school meals can still be prepared for the children in times of load shedding (electricity blackouts) which is, unfortunately, a daily occurrence for the school.

Separately, Mike Shepherd and Shaun Marshall (Money Carer’s banking software developers) delivered basic IT skill training for some of the children in a ‘Technology in Schools’ workshop and Mike has gifted a virtual reality headset to the school so that the children get get a feel for next generation technologies as well.

Sean Tyrer, Money Carer CEO, has also joined the board of the Sprout Foundation as an honorary committee member and Money Carer’s South African based team have regular fund raising and support events scheduled throughout 2023 with contributions and skills learning workshops being delivered by both the UK and South African teams.

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