Daily Money Management For Vulnerable Adults

Strengthening the 'Circle of Care'

The Money Carer Foundation provides an indepth daily money management service to safeguard vulnerable adults who are not able to manage their own financial affairs. We are a Social Enterprise that has earned an enviable reputation for supporting people with different care needs. 

Importantly, we are a completely independent organisation thus avoiding any conflict of interests that often arise when local authorities, care providers, housing associations or other organisations manage the finances of people that they provide other care services for.

The Money Carer Foundation clearly leads the way in the field of daily money management and we are known for our 'can do' attitude towards resolving everyday money management issues and our ability to creatively partner with the organisations and individuals that form our clients circle of care.

Our service user clients range from older people with memory problems to adults with learning disabilities or challenging behaviour issues to citizens that have alcohol or substance misuse problems. Our care provider clients range from local authorities, NHS PCT's and hospitals to private care providers and age and mental health focused charities.

Our Appointeeship, Court of Protection Deputyship and Lasting Power of Attorney services are available on a national basis across England, Scotland and Wales and have been developed to provide help and support for vulnerable adults and their circle of support. We have developed unique Carers Shopping Cards and we work alongside care providers, Local Authorities, charities, advocates, family members, solicitors and many other organisations and individuals that provide care services. Our specialist support service can help to better protect people with the management of their money and personal budgets and our organisation provides robust reporting systems.

By partnering with local authorities and care organisations we are able to help people with their daily money management, bill payment and budgeting needs in a friendly and professional manner. We solve problems and have a practical and common sense approach to resolving financial issues.

How We Are Funded

The Money Carer Foundation provides a comprehensive daily money management service at a low cost and with a clear fee structure. In a number of cases the fees for our services are met by local authorities, care operators or other organisations that recognise the unique benefit that we provide for vulnerable adults. Individuals are also able to pay for our daily money management service directly if alternative funding is not available and the individual wishes to obtain our support. We are often creative in finding funding solutions for clients and in some cases a funding split from supporting organisations or individuals may be possible.

We operate a fixed monthly fee structure for our daily money management service as follows:

Supporting Service Users in Community Settings - £55 PCM

Supporting Service Users in Nursing or Residential Home Settings - £45 PCM

Appointeeship, Court of Protection Deputyship and Lasting Power of Attorney Services

Our daily money management services provides a protective, innovative and practical approach to this important and often complicated area of supportive care. Our experienced team liaises with the DWP benefits departments and other organisations and provides additional enhanced money management support for our clients that is independent and free from conflict of interest.

Managing the daily money management needs of vulnerable people can often be an expensive and time consuming process for care providers, Local Authorities, family members or other support teams and as such providing an effective daily money management service can often prove to be problematic and costly for many organisations that do not have the technology or specialist expertise in this area.

The daily money management services from The Money Carer Foundation provides a practical and efficient facility to deliver a secure and cost effective money managment service as part of the wider care team that supports the individual.

The Money Carer Foundation is able to support vulnerable individuals that require specialist and personalise financial ntervention along with independent advocates, care home operators and Local Authorities or other organisations that may come into contact with people in need of our unique daily money management services.

To learn more about how the Money Carer Foundation can assist you or your organisation with appointeeship please call us today on 0800 083 0626 or contact us online and we will be happy to help.

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