A Migration from
Deputyship to Appointeeship

Case Study

A Migration from Deputyship to Appointeeship

The Money Carer Foundation often work with Solicitors who act as the Court of Protection Deputy for vulnerable clients. Peter is one such example as to how MCF and professional deputies can work together to benefit vulnerable folk.


Peter had suffered from a brain injury as a result of a car crash when he was a younger man and the accident had left him with various disabilities that had impacted on his ability to lead the life he had previously enjoyed. An compensation amount was awarded to Peter by the court and he was also assessed as being required to have Deputy to manage his finances. 

A solicitor specialising in this type of work was put in place as Peters deputy and had been supporting him for over 10 years to manage both his compensation award and his everyday money management requirements however, over the years, Peters funds had been almost depleted. As such, the deputy thought that it was no longer in Peters best interest for him to have a professional deputyship in place given his low assets and hi income being derived solely from welfare benefit entitlements.

Peters deputy contacted The Money Carer Foundation to se if the organisation would be able to embrace Peter as a new client acting as his corporate appointee going forward on the basis that the Court of Protection would support the deputy to be discharged from his role in favour of this new arrangement for Peter.

The Court did support the professional deputies application and Peter is now a client of MCF where his money management support needs are met. Additionally, as Peters local authority agreed to treat MCF’s monthly fee as a valid disability related expenditure (DRE), Peter is essentially receiving his appointeeship support by MCF free of charge given that it has been offset against his calculated care contribution.

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