I’m 26 and I Have

Aspergers Syndrome

Case Study

After The Money Carer Foundation received a referral from a well respected specialist care operator we started to work with a very nice young man who has aspergers.

The everyday money management needs of this client are not unlike any other 26 year old man for the most part other than the fact that our client doesn’t really understand how to manage his money in an organised and structured way. As such our client had a history of spending the money he had access to quickly and would frequently get into financial difficulties and debt problems due to his erratic approach to spending and budgeting.

It became clear that a structured and well defined approach to our clients daly money management requirements was needed in order to be able to communicate to him clear spending boundaries and understandable processes and routines in respect of his management of his welfare benefits entitlement. A ‘happy balance’ was agreed between our client and his account manager at The Money Carer Foundation in respect of which bills would be managed by his account manager and which bills would be managed by our client himself.

The Money Carer Foundation ensures that our clients rent, utility and other ‘important’ bills are paid centrally on our clients behalf along with the management of a debt repayment plan to those organisations that our client had accumulated debts with.

Our client in turn manages his own spending money which is accessed via his own bank account that is credited each week with £90 by The Money Carer Foundation from our clients welfare benefit payments. Out of his spending money our client buys his own food and also pays for his telephone and computer running costs himself.

Our client tells us he feels less stressed about his money and enjoys the jovial relationship he has with his account manager at the Money Carer Foundation as they have got to know each other well.

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