Moving On To A Better Life

from Scotland to Dorset

Elizabeth has a diagnosis of having a mild learning disability and her trusting nature had already led to her experiencing financial abuse at the hands of a family member. 

Since being put in place as Elizabeth’s corporate appointee, the Money Carer Foundation has been instrumental in freeing her from financial abuse and ensuring her finances were properly managed.

Having met a new partner, Elizabeth was planning to move from Scotland to Dorset to live with him.  Although she was looking forward to starting a new life with her partner, Elizabeth wasn’t really sure about what arrangements she needed to make for her move.

MCF was able to plan and manage Elizabeth’s move by arranging a joint application for housing and council tax benefit and a tenancy agreement for a flat was also arranged working alongside Elizabeth’s new care support agency.

Although she is quite house proud, Elizabeth lacked some skills and has mobility challenges which make keeping on top of the housework difficult so Money Carer was able to arrange for increased support from the local authority.  Sessions with an occupational therapist were also organised, to help Elizabeth learn cooking and domestic skills, further increasing her independence.

Her partner, who also has a mild learning disability, works part time in a local charity shop. The couple enjoy meeting after he has finished work, going for coffee or ice cream and watching a movie. As this is so important to them, Money Carer now manages both of their finances as corporate appointee to ensure they always have enough funds to carry on doing things that they enjoy together.

As a mum and grandmother, Elizabeth’s move has taken her away from her family in Scotland. Money Carer arranges regular travel and accommodation for Elizabeth to go to Scotland spending two weeks with her family a few times per year. These arrangements included support to help Elizabeth switch trains, ensuring she got to Scotland without incident.

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