Helping the Police
Track A Missing Client

Using our innovative appointeeship software

The Concern

A client of The Money Carer Foundation who is a vulnerable, young lady failed to return to her supported living residence. The police where alerted and although this was not the first time the vulnerable client had not returned home in recent months, concerns heightened after a 5 day period of absence with no successful communication being made by support workers or other contacts.

Helping With A Solution

Working with the investigating police officer, Money Carer were able to share transactional information from the clients bank account (via MCF’s own banking platform and software) in order to isolate the ATM cashpoints and retail outlets where transactions were made along with the times of the transactions.

As the vulnerable client received spending money on a weekly basis, MCF suggested changing this to smaller, daily spending money deposits which MCF would be able to monitor in real time via their banking system. 

Using the Money Carer smart-phone app, the investigating police officer was able to receive notifications when cash was withdrawn from a local ATM machine and the police officer was, in turn, able to alert a local police patrol vehicle to drive to the ATM machine which resulted in the client being successfully approached and returned to the safety of her carer team.

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