Deputyship for Clients with Low Assets

Supporting local authorities and solicitor partners

Our ‘Low Asset’ Deputyship Service

Money Carer has introduced a ‘low asset’ deputyship service. The new service will enable local authorities supporting clients with smaller assets and estates to be referred over to our low-cost service.

Our deputyship service will provide the much-needed solution for individuals with smaller amounts of money or property, requiring a court order to provide the legal authority for bank accounts to be accessed, for example, for low-value assets to be sold, or for tenancy agreements to be signed.

The service has been designed also to enable solicitors, seeking to transfer existing, often financially unsustainable deputyship files within a higher costs structure, to seek the permission of the court of protection for a deputyship transfer order to Money Carer able to manage the ongoing client deputyship requirements within a lower cost base framework.

The service has been made possible by the decision from Money Carer to facilitate a low-cost deputyship solution leveraging the efficiencies of the organisations Monika banking and case management system to enable lower value deputyship cases to be managed sustainably.

As most inbound referrals will require a bank account to be opened to receive funds and an appointeeship to claim and manage welfare benefit entitlements, Money Carer will be the recipient of inbound referrals from local authorities and other organisations whilst deputyship applications are prepared and submitted to the court of protection.

Referrals can be made via our secure portal once a Money Carer communication account has been opened online here.

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