Money Carer to Launch in Spain

17 May 2024 Money Carer

Money Carer is expanding to Spain and will host an Open Day in Alicante this Friday, May 3rd, 2024, to recruit part-time workers with experience in the social care sector.

The Manchester-based national social enterprise, established in 2009, offers management services for elderly and vulnerable people, their carers, and supporting families.

In the UK, their technology engine and banking platform is utilized by hundreds of law firms, local authorities, and care providers to manage the finances of their clients more effectively. CEO Sean Tyrer explained, “We essentially act as a Corporate Appointee, helping thousands of people in the UK manage their welfare benefit entitlements. Our service provides security and convenience, with access to real-time transaction information.”

Money Carer collaborates closely with carers, family members, social workers, and other professionals to serve clients in the best possible way, always prioritizing their interests.

Now, the foundation aims to address the issue of vulnerable individuals being exploited by dishonest carers or acquaintances handling their money in Spain. They will assist elderly expats, individuals with learning difficulties, and those with substance abuse issues.

“We assume a legal role and take responsibility for managing a person’s finances, including receiving funds and paying bills,” said Sean. To replicate their UK model, Money Carer plans to establish a team in Spain and will hold an Open Day in Alicante this Friday, May 3, to recruit expats for part-time or job-share positions.

“We are seeking individuals with experience, possibly former carers or social services workers, to join our innovative money management team,” Sean stated. “This is a unique opportunity to engage in fascinating and meaningful work!”

The informal Open Day will introduce the company and its services while also gathering feedback and ideas on how Money Carer can operate effectively in Spain. The event will take place from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Regus Offices, Business World Alicante, Antigua Casa del Mar, Avenida Perfecto Palacio de la Fuente 1, 03003, Alicante.

For more information about the Open Day and the Money Carer Foundation’s work, visit

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