The appointeeship service from The Money Carer Foundation has been provided entirely independently since we started our national social enterprise 12 years ago. We manage the welfare benefit and everyday money management responsibilities securely for thousands of clients as a national partner of the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

With innovations such as our unique banking and payments platform or our appointee security bond, many local authorities and law firms choose to partner with us in order to utilise our money management systems to provide better services for their own clients or to utilise our ability to accept high volumes of client referrals.

Our service provides vital support systems not only for our clients but also for the other people and organisations involved in their care such as carers, social workers, care providers and housing associations and solicitors. 

Although 'appointeeship' is not explicitly covered by the Mental Capacity Act 2005, in the everyday delivery of our appointeeship service, we follow its five underlying principles whenever practically possible. We also acknowledge and support our client's rights in respect of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

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A Tailored Service Open To All Who Need It

Our unique services provide flexible ways to meet our clients welfare benefit responsibilities and money management needs and also supports the carers and support workers who make up their circle of care. Our experience in appointeeship provides the appropriate level of assistance and intervention that is practically required on a client by client basis. Our support staff provide budgeting and general financial advocacy and can also adopt a more formal role where more robust safeguarding issues are necessary. 

Our Independent Social Workers

We have also recruited a national network of Independent Social Workers who can provide additional support for our clients. Our social worker partners can support our team and our clients with a variety of tasks and bring on board a considerable range of professional capabilities. Our ability to call on this resource often provides real assistance to local authority social workers and support workers by enabling teams to pool their resources and experience and work together for the best outcome for the client.

What Does The Service Cost?

  • £75 per month for community-based clients Or Free of Charge When DRE Applied
  • £45 per month for clients that reside in nursing or care homes or who are hospitalised (from June 2020)
  • £150 one time set up fee.

Other associated costs in the delivery of our appointeeship service which are charged by our banking partner and passed on to our clients are:

  • £55 which is debited automatically from each account annually.
  • £4.95 for lost or replacement cards.
  • Zero fees for ATM cash withdrawals or using the cards instore or online.

Our Technology

Our capabilities are enhanced by having our own secure, dedicated, current account platform with the successful Cashplus Bank for over ten years. This enables us to open individual accounts in the name of our clients within hours and coupled with our proprietary money management software, Monika, forms the bedrock of our robust, technological and reporting systems.  


To make a referral simply send an email to and all the necessary forms will be automatically sent to you.

Alternatively, please call us on 0161 791 3054 to talk with one of our team about your client's needs.