Appointeeship Caseload Management 

Many local authorities and care providers are acknowledging that operating a non-statutory appointeeship function is no longer best practice or indeed financially sustainable and the historical reasons as to why they have provided appointeeships, due to a lack of alternative options, are no longer valid.

Increasing costs, together with the conflicts of interest that occur when local authorities or care providers act as the appointee are the driving force behind many of these organisations contacting us to assist them with this dilemma. To help with this, the Money Carer Foundation now provides a caseload management assistance and/or bulk transfer service for local authorities and care providers in order to resolve these issues and to provide a truly independent and modern appointeeship service for vulnerable people.

Caseload Management and Case Transfer Service

Our transfer service is able to receive clients in large numbers and we have the ability to switch over existing bank accounts, standing orders and direct debits along with inward welfare benefit payments from the DWP via a single process at no cost to the local authority or care provider. 

A reduced fee structure is also available for large transfer projects.

Larger transfer projects can be formalised via a direct contractual agreement or can simply be a service continuation solution as a result of the existing organisation closing its appointeeship operation completely with the Money Carer Foundation taking over the role in its place.

To discuss this service and the various funding options available to please contact Sean Tyrer on 0161 791 3054 or email