Our Award-Winning Carers Card Service

Trusted by Solicitors, Families, Care Providers & Councils

For over 12 years, our carers shopping card bank account service using our unique Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) protected bank account platform, has provided a secure and convenient way for verified carers to access smaller amounts of money to pay for things for the people that they care for whilst ensuring Strong Customer Authentification (SCA) compliance requirements are securely met.

Choose from a 'Named Carer' or 'Shared Carer' Card

Carers can either have their own card issued in their own name or use a shared card issued in the name of the client as a part of an authorised 'circle of care with access to our smartphone app or online account.

Our award-winning carer card system benefits from features such as balance limits, ATM withdrawal and spending controls. Our monitoring systems continually scan for suspicious transactions and our unique 'sweep' system, based on your preferred maximum card balance, can transfer excess funds back into the account the card is funded from to reduce risk and provide greater protection and peace of mind.

The Money Carer Foundation does not cut any corners when it comes to compliance and best practice. This is why over 200 law firms, 92 local authorities and circa 600 care providers place their trust in us.

A bit of history - We launched the concept, and subsequently, the first carer card service over 12 years ago. Just one of the reasons why we were honoured to be selected to represent Best Practice and Innovation in the finance category of the 2018 Parliamentary Review.

Cutting Edge Technology

Complete with our accompanying smartphone App, all transactions and balances can be viewed in real-time whilst receiving payment and other alerts instantly. Account statements can be downloaded online or via the App and we are also able to post account statements via Royal Mail to clients should they prefer. We make the sign-up process simple and easy and can enrol customers over the phone and set up a direct debit to fund the account as well.

This is a fully managed service where The Money Carer Foundation team can be contacted directly by clients, their carers, support workers and other professionals to ensure the smooth running of the accounts and assist with new or replacement cards and also deal with general queries.

  Call us on 0161 791 3054 to discuss further or

  Email: refer@moneycarer.org.uk for an application form.

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Who Is This Service For?

  • Family Members Who Have an LPA, Deputyship or Appointeeship.
  • Solicitors who are Deputy or Attorney
  • Local Authorities who are Deputy or Corporate Appointee
  • Self Referring Individuals.

What Does It Cost? 

For Private Individuals and Family Members

  • An initial fee of £55*
  • £8.50 per month (our fee)
  • Zero costs for ATM cash withdrawals or retail or online transactions
  • £4.95 for card replacements (this is the Cashplus fee that we pass on)

For Solicitors and LA Deputies

  • An initial fee of £55*
  • £9.99 per month (our fee)
  • Zero costs for ATM cash withdrawals or retail or online transactions
  • £4.95 for card replacements (this is the Cashplus fee that we pass on)

* This is an annual fee if the service is to be ongoing for carer cards

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