Our Power of Attorney Service 

Our Power of Attorney (LPA) service provides extra security for those people who wish to have peace of mind, comfort and money management support to safeguard their financial affairs and to plan for the future.

The Money Carer Foundation, along with our legal partners, will become the joint attorney's for the 'Donor' (the vulnerable person) and our role is to manage all of the everyday money management requirements using our own banking platform, vast experience and state of the art payment systems. We protect our clients and provide this much-needed service at a far lower, simple fixed cost, rather than simply asking a solicitor to manage all of these tasks themselves at a higher hourly rate.

Our legal partners are there to act as joint attorneys to manage the more complicated aspects of managing a client's financial affairs when their own expertise is required. This could be selling a property, dealing with an investment portfolio or other large assets or a variety of complicated matters outside of the everyday bill payment and money management areas that the Money Carer Foundfation will focus on.

Our clients save money and have the benefit of having two professional organisations working together to deliver a more focused and costs effective service in unison. To further highlight the benefits of this innovative service, uniquely, all of our clients will also have the added peace of mind of our Client Money Protection guarantee as their funds will be covered by a bespoke 'LPA Security Bond'. 

Fees Charged - The Money Carer Foundation

The fees the Money Carer Foundation provide this service for exactly the same charge as our popular appointeeship service. The consideration is really about which service is better suited for the individual given their circumstances and wishes. 

  • £75 per month for community-based clients 
  • £45 per month for clients that reside in nursing or care homes or who are hospitalised 

Fees Charged - Our Legal Partners

  • £450 (Plus VAT) Cost of LPA Documents being Drawn up and Completed

Fees Charged - Office of The Public Guardian (OPG) Fees

  • £82 Standard Registration Fee (without Exemption Rates)

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Please contact us on 0161 791 3054 or email us at refer@moneycarer.org.uk for more help and assistance.


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