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8 May 2023
8 May 2023 Money Carer

Collaboration with The Sprout Foundation

Money Carer’s Head of Operations Chris Boylan (pictured centre with the South African team) was the latest visitor welcomed to the Durban office and said he was delighted to see how quickly the team was engaging with clients and cases.

“Our work at Money Carer can be complex and not always easy to pick up for new members of staff but I am really impressed at the way the team here have stepped up and are already making a big difference to our service delivery. There is an enthusiasm and ‘can-do’ approach here which will help us to maintain our reputation for good, solid service delivery – everyday money management for vulnerable people and their carers – the Money Carer way!”

As part of its commitment to local people and their communities, Money Carer is delighted to have teamed- up with The Sprout Foundation sproutorg.com in South Africa whose stated mission is, ‘to support high school learners and the unemployed youth in South Africa in the process of becoming job ready. This is done through upgrading school facilities, promoting the study and employment opportunities and facilitating the application process.

Sprout Foundation MD Rianka Van Antwerpen said, “We are delighted about the partnership between The Sprout Foundation and Money Carer. Through this collaboration, both entities address the common goal of empowering people. Money Carer offers meaningful placement opportunities to the skilled graduates that Sprout has been working with, paving the way towards a brighter, more hopeful future for them and their families.”

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