A Client With

Early Onset Dementia

Case Study

The Money Carer Foundation was contacted by a social worker in an East Midlands Local Authority in respect of a 49 year old lady with early onset dementia.

Although our service user client benefited from having 24 hour carer support provided by a privately owned care home problems were arising from the fact that her husband did not feel comfortable acting as appointee as they would often argue about money which only served to prove stressful for both of them.

Arguments would often centre around our client accusing her husband of with-holding money from her and although this was not the case it caused a great deal of additional tension in an already stressful set of circumstances which simply caused more strain on their relationship

It was agreed that The Money Carer Foundation would act as appointee as having an independent money manager to oversee our clients finances would help to make our client feel more trusting towards her circle of care and in particular her husband.

The Money Carer team sorted out a back-dated DLA claim which had not been progressed properly and when the funds came through an outstanding balance owed to our clients care home was settled and ongoing care contribution bills are now paid on time along with day centre transport and sundry costs.

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