Edith – A Local

Authority Referral

Case Study

Edith became a client of The Money Carer Foundation after a meeting with her lifelong friend and the local Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).

Ediths Local Authority operate a discretionary appointeeship facility but were unable to offer assistance to Edith as they did not have the resources to take on Ediths case.

The DWP contacted The Money Carer Foundation and outlined Edith’s circumstances. We arranged to meet with Edith and her friend along with Edith’s personal assistant.

Edith is 89 years old a widow and has vascular dementia. She lived independently for a number of years but unfortunately Edith suffered a bad fall at home and was admitted to hospital. W,hilst Edith was recovering in hospital, her social worker and Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN) carried out a care assessment that identified her care needs and the requirements of the care package once Edith was well enough to leave hospital. Edith was transferred from the general hospital ward to a specialist mental health unit whilst a place at suitable local residential care home was secured as it was agreed that Edith was unable to continue to live at home as her condition had deteriorated.

Part of the care assessment showed that Edith could not manage her finances and whilst her lifelong friend had been trying to help on an informal basis she herself was suffering ill health and could no longer continue with this arrangement.

Ediths friend contacted the DWP to ask them for assistance after the Local Authority could not take on to Edith’s appointeeship.

A member of the Money Carer team met with Edith and her carers to explained how our own appointee service could assist Edith.

We also asked the DWP to review her circumstances and we undertook a benefits entitlement check for Edith. As part of the financial review we liaised with the local Council and completed a revised personal financial statement for Edith to ensure that her contributions to her care home fees were correct.

The outcome of the review identified a significant credit for overpayment of care home fees and additional Pension Credit for Edith.

Edith’s personal assistant is a self employed professional carer and helps Edith by shopping for clothes and personal items and visits Edith once a week in the care home to make sure she has all the toiletries and essential things she needs on a regular basis.

The Money Carer Foundation provided Edith’s carer with a Carer’s Shopping Card to use when shopping for Edith and this ensures that all transactions are recorded. This has given Edith’s carer more confidence as a formal procedure is now in place that has removed the need for the carer to handle Edith’s cash.

Now all of Edith’s finances are managed by The Money Carer Foundation Ediths circle of support can concentrate on delivering the care and friendship that is so vital to Edith’s wellbeing.

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