Helping A Client

With A Genetic Disability
To Enjoy Life More

Case Study

By the time The Money Carer Foundation were approached to be ‘Neil’s’ appointee in November 2010 he was on the verge of having some of his benefits suspended.

Suffering from a genetic disability which makes it difficult to communicate, Neil, from the West Midlands, relies on others to manage his finances and benefits. Poor management of his finances by his previous appointee had seen his savings build up to a point where he was in danger of having his income support benefit withdrawn.

The Money Carer Foundation found that Neil was already receiving all the benefits he was entitled too however these benefits had been sitting largely unused in his bank account when they should have been better used to improve his quality of life.

Having recently moved into supported housing Neil needed new furniture, clothes, shoes, bedding and toiletries, all of which could be purchased with his savings.

As his Day Centre had also recently closed, Neil had lost one of his major social outlets, leaving him in danger of becoming isolated and lonely. Money Carer arranged for the purchase of a sofa, TV, Xbox and Kinect which he can play with his housemates in the common room. Neil really enjoys these games and being able to play and have fun with his housemates has helped him build up friendships and increased his wellbeing. Money Carer, in conjunction with Neil’s care provider, arranged for him to go on an accompanied holiday in Scotland with a charity that specialises in bespoke trips away for people with various disabilities. Neil told ‘everyone’ time and time again how much he had enjoyed himself and wanted to go back.

Working with a specialist supplier, Money Carer arranged for the purchase of physical development equipment which helps Neil communicate with his carers along with other sensory development tools.

Neil is now happier and more settled. Money Carer manages Neil’s finances and savings to ensure that he now has everything he needs to make his life more comfortable and fulfilling and his benefits are no longer at risk.

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