Finding Creative Solutions

To Improve The Lives
of Disabled Clients

Case Study

Daily Money Management, Appointeeship and Deputyship services for vulnerable adults are about more than just making sure bills are paid and people are not financially abused.  Afterall, having money in the bank means very little if you don’t get any enjoyment out of life.

‘Michael,’ ‘Joseph’ and ‘Anne’ are disabled adults who live in supported accommodation in the Midlands. Although they have access to 24 hour care, they are encouraged to be as independent as possible. Building friendships and being able to develop interests and express themselves as individuals is something they all regard as being very important, although this is a particular challenge for Michael who is unable to communicate verbally.

The Money Carer Foundation acts as Appointee for all three, managing their finances and welfare benefit payments.

Although their supported accommodation was beautifully renovated and maintained for their needs, the garden was a different story. Michael, Joseph and Anne all liked spending time outside, so after consulting with their carers, Money Carer arranged to have the garden tidied and made suitable for their needs. A decking area, gazebo and swing seat were provided to ensure that the garden could be enjoyed all year round, while the contrast between grassed and stone covered areas could be used to introduce new and different environments and was designed with the input of an Occupational Therapist.

Unfortunately, the Day Care Centre Michael, Joseph and Anne attended has now closed due to council cut backs. The loss of these services can have a major impact on the quality of life of vulnerable and disabled people. Which is why Money Carer is looking for ever more creative ways of supporting service user clients to make the best use of their funds to improve their wellbeing.

As Michael, Joseph and Anne had all enjoyed water based activities, Money Carer is now in the process of getting a specialist hot tub installed at their home. This has the added bonus of being excellent therapy for brittle bones and arthritis, as well as being something that they really enjoy.

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