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Case Study

In Autumn 2010 The Money Carer Foundation was invited to co-ordinate the transfer of several Service Users with varying severe learning and physical disabilities from hospital to shared supported housing.

This involved the transfer of the Corporate Appointeeship as part of a more comprehensive daily money management program and working closely with the care agency and the previous care team who were the local NHS Mental Health Partnership to ensure we had all the information required for each Service User to enable a bespoke daily money management program to be set up.

We became part of the circle of care, transferring the benefits to our organisation to enable us to efficiently manage the receipt of each persons’ benefits, but also to set up payment of their bills efficiently within our unique system.

Each of the carers and team leaders were issued with a carer’s expense card linked to the Service User and their carer(s) so that funds could be allocated to the card for shopping trips or to withdraw cash with all transactions related back the correct Service Users’ accounts for total transparency and control. This also afforded flexibility if the Service Users wanted to make additional purchases whilst at the same time giving assurance to the carers that they don’t need to carry cash unnecessarily.

Once they had moved into their supported housing, we assisted the service users to purchase new equipment specific to each of their requirements, working with their carers and support workers so that they could choose exactly what they would like and need for their new living environment so they could enjoy selecting their individual furniture and electrical equipment for their own rooms.

They also enjoyed selecting and sharing the costs for joint purchases like a new large screen TV for their shared lounge and suitable furniture and new garden furniture and vehicles. Participating in the shopping experience whilst helped by their carers and support workers was an exciting and joyful experience for the service users.

Once the Corporate Appointeeship was transferred, all the benefits were paid directly into the Money Carer Foundation account and we successfully claimed back payments for Service Users and corrected an increase in their benefit entitlements too by liasing closely with the Department of Work and Pensions and the local Benefits Delivery Centre.

Indeed some of the Service Users and their family members have been able to enjoy a holiday and this has had a very positive effect on their well-being and everyone involved in the immediate circle of care who are known and trusted by the Service Users and their family members are able to spend valuable time with their loved ones outside of a hospital or supported housing environment.

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