Returning Balance and Calmness
to a Client who is Bipolar

Case Study

‘Jane’ is a lovely client that suffers from bipolar disorder. When her condition is subdued she often keeps to herself and gets on with life in a calm and peaceful manner . When Jane has manic episodes her mood changes can be extreme and she has in the past got into debt because of excessive purchasing of unneeded items.

This is one of the reasons why she wanted to get the support of our team so that she would not get into financial difficulties again and have the care and support of her personal account manager at The Money carer Foundation to talk to when she needs reassurance that everything is fine or sometimes for just a friendly chat.

Jane’s partner lives in the USA. Whenever she feels like its time to visit her significant other she asks if we can arrange for flights and hotels for her trip. As The Money Carer Foundation have partnered with Sue, an independent travel counselor who specialises in arranging holidays and breaks for people with disabilities. Jane has formed a trusting relationship and simply telephones Sue who liaises with Jaynes personal account manager to coordinate the booking and payment of Janes trips.

Jane has her own shopping card provided to her by The Money Carer Foundation and she uses this to pay for things that she needs having the security of knowing that she can not get into debt with this card or overspend.

Janes social worker who has known her for many years tells us that Jane has been never been so calm and at ease for such a long period of time and acknowledges that it is the everyday support and peace of mind that The Money Carer Foundation provides as being a cornerstone to this outcome for Jane.

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