Supporting A

Local Authority and
Housing Association Project

Case Study

The Money Carer Foundation was approached in 2009 by a large Local Authority to assist them with the appointeeship needs of four adults with learning disabilities. The Adult Learning Disabilities Team at the Local Authority had worked hard to secure the necessary care funding for four service user clients that would benefit from moving from residential care to a dedicated supported living facility managed by a local housing association. The project had taken 18 months in total and the supported living facility would provide a better quality of life for its new residents.

As the four clients would be moving to a living facility that would offer them more independence and flexibility it was agreed that the services provided by The Money Carer Foundation would compliment these changes and a meeting was arranged between members of the Local Authority, Housing Association, Care Team and The Money Carer Foundation to put in place a flexible daily money management service for the service users that would support their ongoing personal development whilst replacing time intensive and costly appointeeship procedures typically operated by the care providers.

Six months after the supported living project was launched the residents have clearly benefitted from their more relaxed and independent setting and are enjoying the greater levels of choice they now have over everyday decisions that effect them.

The entire care team have become big supporters of their Carers Expense Cards provided by Money Carer Foundation as they have helped to free up lots of time used previously to simply collect cash from each service user and reconcile monies left over. As their expense cards have removed this need the care team have increased flexibility to perform service user shopping trips on the way to work for example.

Having an independent and accessible appointee service has also helped cut out time costs for the Local Authority, housing association and carers as all enquiries relating to benefits or daily money management issues are simply dealt with by their account manager at The Money Carer Foundation. The Local Authority has recommended the service provided by the Money Carer Foundation to other departments in the council and the organisation is assisting with other projects and helping individuals referred by social workers within the council.

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