Vulnerable elderly lady

protected from financial abuse

Case Study

Ongoing financial abuse at the hands of family members had left ‘Gladys,’ 96, feeling stressed, helpless and isolated.

The Adult Safeguarding Team at her local Council in North West England became concerned that frail Gladys, who lives alone, was vulnerable to ongoing theft and abuse.

A capacity assessment, which looks into whether a person is able to make decisions in their own best interests, showed that while Gladys was no longer able to manage her own funds, she was able to choose who should manage her money on her behalf.

Gladys suspected that certain family members were misusing her money, which she found very upsetting, but fearing ‘rocking the boat’ she felt unable to stop this. In order to protect Gladys, the Safeguarding Team referred her case to the Money Carer Foundation.

The Money Carer Foundation, working with Gladys, her solicitor, Care Provider and the Safeguarding Team, were then able to take action to stop any further financial abuse. Money Carer became Gladys’ Appointee enabling them to manage her pension funds and liaise with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) on her behalf.

Dealing with bills was particularly stressful for Gladys. After talking with her Solicitor, she requested that The Money Carer Foundation have Power of Attorney to deal with her financial affairs, allowing for all her bills to now be forwarded to Money Carer and paid on time.

Gladys has savings in two separate building society accounts, however her ill health has caused a deterioration in her signature, meaning that one building society was refusing her access to her funds. The Money Carer Foundation, was able to sort this out for her, and Gladys can now access this money when needed.

It had become increasingly important to Gladys that she should have a will drawn up. Money Carer was able to arrange for this to be done, giving Gladys peace of mind that her wishes regarding her estate would be carried out.

Working with her local Care Provider, Money Carer were also able to arrange a Carers Shopping Card‘ for Gladys’ two regular carers, making it more secure, quicker and easier for them to purchase everyday items for her.

Gladys has said she feels more relaxed and secure as a result of the work Money Carer has done on her behalf.

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