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Appointeeship, Deputyship, Carer Cards, Power of Attorney Operational & Policy - FAQ's

Money Carer have a legal and fiduciary requirement to safeguard our clients personal financial information and adhere to principle (F) of GDPR compliance law, the ‘integrity and confidentiality’ or ‘security’ principle. Equally, we have a Duty of Confidentiality as specified in the Mental Capacity Act 2005 Code of Practice (Section 7.64).

Therefore, it is not our policy as a standard process, to provide care providers or family members with our clients private bank statements or financial information when the individual lacks capacity or we do not feel that a request is necessary. Our policy is aligned with solicitors who act as the court of protection deputy for vulnerable individuals.

We do, however, provide access to our clients bank statements relating to the bank accounts that we manage for carer spending funds or accounts that we manage for our clients personal allowance, as this is information that assists carers with everyday shopping trips and for care company reconciliation requirements.

These statements can be accessed and downloaded 24 hours per day via our secure online portal or smartphone app.

Often, when a support worker or care provider requests our clients bank account statements or total account balance, they are really trying to understand if our client has enough money to pay for a larger purchase such a summer holiday for example.

To assist with these requests whilst adhering to safeguarding and GDPR requirements, Money Carer has introduced our Savings Envelope feature.

Our savings envelopes allow us to share how much money, over and above funds required for monthly bills and allowances, is available to be used for larger purchases. Client savings envelope information can be viewed in our secure portal or smartphone app and requests for larger purchases using the funds available in a clients savings envelope can be made there also.

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