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Appointeeship, Deputyship, Carer Cards, Power of Attorney Deputyship - FAQ's

Yes, the Court of Protection can recommend a deputy for property and finances.

When an application is made to the Court of Protection to appoint a deputy, the court will consider whether it is necessary to appoint a deputy and who is best placed to act in the person’s best interests.

In some cases, the court may recommend a particular person or professional as a suitable deputy for property and finances. However, the final decision on who to appoint as a deputy will be made by the court after considering all the evidence and taking into account the person’s best interests.

It is important to note that the Court of Protection is a specialist court that deals with issues related to mental capacity and decision-making. It has the power to make decisions and appoint deputies on behalf of individuals who lack the capacity to make decisions for themselves.

The court’s overriding concern is always the best interests of the person who is the subject of the proceedings.

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