25 April 2023 Money Carer
Appointeeship, Deputyship, Carer Cards, Power of Attorney Appointeeship - FAQ's


If the client is in receipt of care and contributes a payment towards their care package, then the cost of our services, such as our appointeeship service or carers card service, could be deducted from the care contribution. This is because our service is a disability service and as such could be eligible to be deducted from care contribution costs.  Although this is at the discretion of each individual council, most of the local authorities that we work with already allow for this.

Money Carer will make a request to the local authority to recalculate the care contribution amount in order to take into account our monthly fee and to deduct this from the amount paid to the local authority.

This, essentially, offsets our monthly service fee for the client.


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