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Appointeeship, Deputyship, Carer Cards, Power of Attorney Deputyship - FAQ's

A deputy for property and finances may be needed for individuals who are unable to manage their financial and property affairs due to various reasons such as age-related mental decline, illness, or disability. This could include:

  1. Elderly individuals who may have difficulty managing their finances and property due to declining mental and physical health.
  2. Individuals who have suffered a brain injury, stroke or other cognitive impairment which has affected their ability to make decisions about their financial and property matters.
  3. People with mental illnesses or disabilities which prevent them from managing their finances and property.
  4. Individuals with developmental disabilities who may require assistance in managing their finances and property.

In these situations, a deputy may be appointed by the court of protection to make decisions on behalf of the individual in relation to their property and finances.

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