‘Lighting’ Up Some of

Our Clients Lives

Case Study

Friends since childhood, ‘Edward,’ ‘Fergus’ and ‘Garry,’ live together in supported accomodation in London. Aged in their late 40s, Edward is partially sighted, Fergus has Fragile X syndrome and Garry is wheelchair bound. They all suffer from learning disabilities, cannot read or write and have trouble communicating with others.

The Money Carer Foundation arranged for the purchase of ‘sensory lights’ and a television for the common room of their accomodation. The lights in particular have opened up a new world of fun for the friends, as they react to sound and can change colour, brightness and mood. Hours of fun have been had as the friends devise new games making use of the lights. Not only is this fun, but it provides social interaction and stimulation while allowing them to use their imaginations and express themselves.

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