Supporting ‘Greg’
and His fascination with
Trains and Snakes

Case Study

Supporting ‘Greg’ and His fascination with Trains and Snakes

When supporting clients The Money Carer Foundation can be both flexible or more structured depending on the needs of the individual. For our client ‘Gregory’, a more structured approach generates better personal outcomes for him. Greg needs a structured framework of contact and engagement to enable him to live with more easily with his condition. Some have described that Greg feels like a fish out of when there is lack of structure in his life, and this is why he was referred to our team some years ago. Greg has been with us for some time now and while making the most out of our services, we have got to know him as quite a character and we enjoy a very good relationship with him. His appointeeship with the team has enabled Greg to get out of debt, save money for holidays and trips away and greatly reduce the stress he used to suffer from around money management matters.

Greg loves to travel. The latest activity we booked for him involved one of his passions, steam trains. He loved the trip and stated that he couldn’t wait to go back. Steam trains are ‘adventurous’ enough for some, but Greg hasn’t stoped there. His love and ownership of snakes has taken him to many zoos where he enjoys photographing his slithery models!

While Greg enjoys travelling and exploring he is always hesitant with change and needs reassurance from his point of contact at The Money Carer Foundation. This is where the Money Carer’s services are so valuable. Our account managers work closely with travel agencies to enable a smooth journey for Gregs travel endeavours. We ensure that he has a timed schedule for his trip, to maintain the same structure, efficiency and level of services as when he is at home.

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